General Management: Mini-MBA

Fundamentals of an MBA programs in just 5 days

General Management: Mini-MBA

Fundamentals of an MBA programs in just 5 days


The Mini MBA gives student and participants the opportunity to get the fundamentals of an MBA programs in just 5 days. This is a very intensive and challenging program.

The program uses a Business Simulation throughout the 5 days – this means people will practice what they learn. They will make mistakes and try again until you get it right. This 5-day program is ideal for managers and professionals who want boost their career and become a great “all-round manager”. The simulation covers 5 years in a company and the objective is to maximize profitability and ROCE over the strategic 5-year period. Investment decisions have to be made to manage growth and build competitive advantage. Teams of 3 to 4 people work throughout the week and the simulation is synchronized with the daily class room subjects. It gets progressively complex during the week, as the teams have to consider

multiple variables to manage the short and the long-term goals. Teams receive immediate feedback. The objective is to understand the real factors which impact business decisions and to practice, practice, practice what you learn during the week.

During the week, the program focuses on the following 5 key areas:


  • Leadership Development – key competences, building self-awareness, leading

others and the organization through change. This also includes self-profiling, daily

reflection and feedback from the facilitators and peers to develop emotional



  • Strategy – building a strategy (the changing world and its impact, internal analysis,

differentiation etc), and strategy execution (organizational and individual)


  • Finance – the fundamentals that underpin business success including Profit & Loss,Balance Sheets, Cash Flow and Investment decision-making


  • Marketing & Sales– knowing the customer (needs and segmentation) and achieving success with the customer (targeting, Customer Value Proposition, sales etc.)


  • Operational Excellence – its importance in delivering the Customer Value Proposition