By investing on employees or people, organizations and societies not only build careers of their people, they will progress and prosper. Because, when one person grows, we all grow and together, we all rise.

Thoughts, attitudes, teaching methods and also the contents prepared for teaching to audiences are formed the framework and the main foundation of an academy. The professors present at the GPPW Academy before being known as professors, are considered consultants and think tanks of the world's largest companies. These professors not only by using their academic education, but also with the experience they have gained from collaborating with these big famous companies in different situations have been able to reach the best and the most effective results while they are presenting the practical contents to the audience and students. The aim of their teaching is not just expressing some contents but they make participants to use those materials in the real world. This board is with you with all the experiences. Here are some of GPPW Academy professors.

Johan Beeckmans

Extensive international expertise in leadership

Laurent Bonnier

Expertise in developing the world’s best market leaders

Didier Leroy

Senior manager and commercial executive

Ramesh Fatania

International expertise in Marketing

Markus Kramer

International Expertise in Branding

Ruben Torregrosa

Expertise in Food Chemistry

Important factors in the formation of a cohesive union between human beings are honesty, sense of security, and strong communication. Think, try, and look forward to achieving what you want.