About us

Important factors in the formation of a cohesive union between human beings are honesty, sense of security, and strong communication. Think, try, and look forward to achieving what you want.

About us




Investing on developing people and organization is so valuable. We have learned from our own experience that organizations that invest on people development perform better and create better business results for all parties.  This is one of our key success factors for the growth. We have learned that people development is one of the most pressing issues facing organizations globally today and it represents a great opportunity for companies to seize competitive advantage in their industries. GPPW academy established to fulfill this purpose. It holds various training courses, workshops, conferences, Mini MBA for many people around the world and people satisfaction have triggered us to continue this way. Today our focus is to help building organizations and developing people for the future. The more educated people, the better world we could have.

Our Purpose

GPPW is establishing its  Academy, with purpose to help building organizations and developing people for the future.

Our mission is to develop talented people, business leaders, entrepreneurs, visionary leaders who are driving our economic growth and innovation and generating ideas that move businesses and companies forward.

By providing educational programs, we will enable our students and participants to acquire the skills and business intelligence to bring world-class and proven management practices to their organizations. Our programs aim to bring actionable and ready to use solutions to participants from a wide range of industries. Our distinguished members of faculty come from a variety of international renown companies and have been working with leaders, CEOs and presidents of local, regional and global companies. We are different. With our programs, we help companies in the region to better understand and face the challenges of today’s rapidly changing business environment. We don’t just teach business knowledge and management decision frameworks – we help people to create them.

We are changing the country and the region by solid education. We provide a range of programs that enables people and organizations to become more agile, competitive and successful.



  • Develop knowledge and information of human around the world generally and specifically
  • Help people to act & behave in a great way to be more successful in their job and private life
  • Help people to break through the obstacles in their job or private life
  • Increase organizational flexibility and success in navigating change
  • Drive strategy execution, creating organizational alignment
  • Contribution to international education growth cycle



  • Effectiveness and efficiency of organizations
  • Capacity building and leadership development
  • Regional Focus
  •  help  organizations and businesses to develop their most valuable resource